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Radically reimagined video calls for modern design teams

Meetings don't have to crush your soul. Discover radically
unique video calls designed to help remote design teams

create, collaborate, and celebrate together.

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Collaborate on top of all your apps

Not a fan of video calls with clunky UX that take over your screen? Around’s lightweight, unobtrusive interface frees up your desktop so that you can actually get work done together. It pairs perfectly with all your favorite design tools like Figma, Miro, or Sketch. 

Easily give feedback in design sessions

Want to provide feedback on a design? With Around, you can draw on screen shares and vote for your favorite ideas using emoji stamps—all without interrupting the presenter.

See what your team is up to at a glance

Create dedicated spaces for meetings, teams, projects and anything in between. Easily see what your team is up to and jump into any room with one click. No more searching for links.

Say goodbye to video call fatigue

Traditional video conferencing tools are exhausting and sap creativity. We've eliminated everything tiring about video calls with built-in touches like background cropping, AI-based noise cancellation, and anti-fatigue camera filters.

Working in Figma on an @around_hq call has fundamentally changed the way that I work and made me a better designer. I work collaboratively in a way that I haven't been able to before. It's better than someone looking over your shoulder, 

and I don't get video call fatigue.

– Ariel Norling (@ariel_n)

Video calls radically reimagined for modern teams.